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The Game Changer: Social Media Marketing

Hello There, This will be our second post in our series on Digital Marketing, I trust you to keep in touch as we devour into this phenomenon that is gradually changing the marketing and even lifestyle landscape all over the world and Nigeria is not left out.

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digital marketing series

Digital Marketing Series On The Etu Odi Blog

We will be beginning a series on Digital Marketing, I trust you to keep in touch as we devour into this phenomenon that is gradually changing the marketing and even lifestyle landscape all over the world and Nigeria is not left out.

First off let me highlight some of the content we will delve into in this series..

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Advertising & Visual Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing




As you can see lot of rich content coming up but first what is this phenomenon, what is digital marketing?

To begin with, the Internet has come to stay. People use the Internet for any and every need these days from communications to shopping and even eating. Companies, organizations, institutions are beginning to harness Internet to achieve their numerous objectives online.

According to Wikipedia “Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of products or services using digital technologies to reach and convert leads into customers”

Furthermore the Digital Marketing Institute, views the concept as the “use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to consumers and businesses”

The various concepts and practices surrounding digital marketing are rapidly evolving. Key industries and leading companies are utilizing digital tools and social media platforms to connect with key audiences whilst benefiting significantly in achieving goals at productive costs.

The key objectives of digital marketing is to create awareness, promote brands, build preference, create loyalty and overall to increase sales. There is an avalanche of techniques and strategies that can be used to achieve all these objectives.

Till we see Again#EtuOdi #EtuOdiDigital #TheWayItIs #DigitalMarketing

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Nigeria at 55: Moving Forward

It’s a beautiful Thursday, chants and songs are heard all over the streets, the occasion; the Independence day of Nigeria, Africa’s giant as it is fondly called.  Quoting Sir Abubakar Tafewa Balewa, Nigeria’s first Prime Minister who gave the first Independence Day speech on October 1, 1960

This is a wonderful day, and it is all the more wonderful because we have awaited it with increasing impatience, compelled to watch one country after another overtaking us on the road when we had so nearly reached our goal. But now we have acquired our rightful status, and I feel sure that history will show that the building of our nation proceeded at the wisest pace: it has been thorough, and Nigeria now stands well-built upon firm foundations”

55 years later and still counting it is widely believed that we as a nation are not where we are supposed to be but we are forging ahead and still relentless.

Just recently the winds of change swept our political landscape and ushered in a new era in our democracy one that in our President’s words “has a window of opportunity to fulfill our long – standing potential of pulling ourselves together and realizing our mission as a great nation”

Despite our trials, errors, shortcomings, failures and this ever clinging security crisis, we do have the potential to achieve our potential. We are the pride of the black race, a blessed nation that has been bestowed with material and human resources to quote a popular slang “Nigerians sabi hustle”. We truly stand out among our fellow African counterparts.

As a nation let us keep hope alive, the holy book says “hope doesn’t put to shame” As we reflect today, take a cue from our President’s words and let us contribute to making our country a Great Nation. We all have roles to play and together we can make the change we desire.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria from Etu-Odi Communications.

Happy Independence Day, Nigeria!

What are your thoughts and hopes for Nigeria at 55?



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Writing +Effective+Radio+Commercials

Creating Effective Radio Commercials

Radio can be very effective when trying to reach your target market and writing an effective radio commercial begins with a writing strategy. Writing for radio takes a sharp ear, empathy for the listener and the ability to create pictures inside the consumer’s head.  So, how can you do this? It all starts with an appealing and persuasive script.  Here are some tips that will help you create great radio Ad:

o   Ensure you communicate the big idea clearly: Focus on a main / unique selling point. Effective spots highlight one unique idea and drive it home. A mere mention of your brand is not an idea. Telling listeners that your brand can solve problem “A” in one week is an idea.

o   Take time to settle the scene and establish the premise

o   Use creative sound effects: Sound is a powerful tool that can be used to create mood and stimulate emotion. As a radio ad relies only on the power of sound and doesn’t have the influence of visual cues, make the most of your advertisement’s auditory element.

o   Use descriptive language to make your adverts more memorable:Radio is called the “theatre of the mind” because it allows listeners to imagine and by extension, participate in the program.

o   Make every word count: Ensure you use active voice and more verbs than adjectives. Be conversational; write and talk the way people talk.

o   Be outrageous and disruptive; that is, do it in an unexpected way

o   Call to action: Ensure you create a call to action for your listeners. Should they visit your website for a promo?

o   With radio, think globally and act locally: Adjust your commercials to the language of the listeners.



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Effective Graphic Design Techniques: Creative Retouching

Our mind they say is our limitation. You can achieve whatever you set out to. But some things such as putting a baby and a full grown tiger in the same room, or a man the size of King Kong taking a selfie with Big Ben might seem almost impossible to achieve. So how can this be done with the highest degree of realism achievable? The answer lies in Creative Retouching.

Realism being important because merging different pictures from different scenarios and composting them together so it looks like it was photographed as one with the right lighting and shadows defines creative retouching.

Creative Retouching_Etu Odi

So what’s Creative Retouching?

Creativity is the process of birthing something new and brilliant out of an existing idea. Creativity requires radical thinking which will make you see things differently and achieve new and outstanding results.

Then on the other hand, we have retouching which is the alteration of a design, or photograph for its enhancement by introducing new features or deducting old ones to achieve a design with color replacements, image highlights, etc.

Creative Retouching therefore is the presentation of an artwork in a very creative way either for ads or personal work. It is also known as Image Manipulation.

Uzoma Okoye _ Etu Odi

Process of Creative Retouching

Creative Retouching can be achieved in three major steps.

  1. Planning: This is the stage where brainstorming, sketches and wireframes are done to come up with ideas (fantastic ideas).
  2. Research: When the idea has been put together and the end product which is to be achieved is clearly in your mind, you then head on to the stage of collecting the materials needed for creating the images to be retouched. Most times, this is shooting everything you need to achieve the end product.
  3. And thirdly, there is the final stage of putting the pieces of the puzzle together with a design software such as Photoshop, InDesign etc. to achieve the “creatively retouched” design. The most important stages are the first two which are the planning and research. That’s really the most important part. And then the process of creative retouching itself is quite straightforward

Creative Retouching_Etu Odi

Some of the benefits of Creative Retouching are:

  1. It definitely makes the whole artwork POP.
  2. There’s no new idea, so it makes the already known idea fresh if done in a creative way.
  3. It tends to eradicate the usual/generic bland images we use in the industry.
  4. It engages.

Etu Odi


So when next you are thinking about the techniques and processes to use in achieving big ideas with really tricky and hard to achieve visuals, Creative retouching is the way to go.



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Etu Odi Yes We Cannes

Top 5 Tips To Enhance Your Business Relationships In 2015

The second month of the year 2015 is winding up already and I guess the pressure of the year is starting to kick in. These might raise a lot of concerns about how the year will play out. One of such concerns will be how productive this year will be than the former.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to take stock of the previous year; ideas birthed, innovations conceived, milestones achieved, goals missed and most importantly the state of our business relationships.

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The Digital Trends of 2014 And Our Forecast Of 2015

Funny viral videos, heartfelt campaigns to bring back our girls, Jumia and Konga ads following you around the web. These are a few examples of the strong use of digital marketing in Nigeria in 2014.

The year saw a good number of digital campaigns, but a few stood out. So today, we will be sharing with you some of the best digital trends of 2014 and examples of campaigns that made good use of these trends

We will also be sharing our forecast of trends expected to rise in Nigeria in the world of Digital marketing for the next 12 months of 2015.

In no particular order, here we go with the top trends of 2014.

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Uzoma Okoye

Uzoma Okoye Talks To Marketing World About Creativite Effectiveness, New Media And Collaborations Among Creative Agencies

Etu Odi’s Creative Managing Director, Uzoma Okoye sat down with Marketing World to discuss his ideologies of the Creative Industry in Nigeria as well as discuss his career.

Below are details of the conversation.

What is your philosophy at Etu Odi communications?

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Introducing, After Six Months Of Testing, Video Ads By Instagram.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has for the past 6 months been testing their 15-second autoplay spots ads.

The ads started appearing on the 30th of October and roll out over the coming weeks. Instagram decided to kick off the Ads with selected brands  Disney, Activision, Lancome, Banana Republic and CW. For instance, Disney is promoting its film, Big Hero 6, with a video showing animated characters posing as if they were taking selfies.

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